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About Us

Win4Life is a trademark program of The Leslie Allen Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) public charity, whose mission is to prepare young people to be winners on and off the playing field and introduce them to the 100+ careers behind the scene in pro sports.

W4L challenges students to use the W4L 4D's: Desire, Dedication, Discipline and Determination to succeed. Through the interactive W4L program young people broaden their horizon, improve their communication skills, fitness level, social etiquette and develop leadership and networking skills. Leveraging longstanding relationships, W4L provides student unique access to the sports business world and one on one interaction with various professionals."

About Leslie Allen "It's an honor to work with Leslie Allen. To me, she is right up there with Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson."
Britney Mitchell
a 14 year-old from West Ashley High School

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W4L and Win4Life are service marks of the Leslie Allen Foundation.
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