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My Day at the U.S. Open

Arianna, 11

August 28th , 2001 will always be a memorable day for me. On that day I went to the U.S. Open with Leslie Allen and three other members of the group, WIN 4 LIFE. We had lunch with the former mayor of New York City, David Dinkins. I also visited the Broadcasting room located on site.

Mayor Dinkins took time out of his schedule to have lunch with our group. He spoke to us about the values of education and told us why we should finish college. Subsequently, we visited the Broadcasting room and saw the make-up room. I learned that the broadcasters have someone put make up on them before they go in front of the camera.

Next, I visited the TV studio. I went in the CBS room and sat in the broadcaster's seat in front of the cameras. I even saw myself on the TV monitor in front of me. I realized that the TV broadcasters don't have to memorize their lines, there is a screen in front of them that has their lines written down. It was really neat. That's the kind of job for me!

After we finished with the TV studios we went to the production trucks. I got to see what the workers do in the production trucks. Some of them did commercials and some them did special effects. The special effects job was very interesting. The workers are in control of all the different graphics and features. They browse through them until they find the perfect one. They could also change the volume if they are not satisfied.

Courtnie, 13

When the day of the U.S. Open came I was exhilarated. I think the highlight of the day was Venus's press conference. When Venus walked in I wanted to scream, as a matter of fact I think I did a little. Her words were so powerful to me because everything she was saying I could relate to. After I heard her answer questions I realized that I wasn't the only one that went through nervousness and pressure on the tennis court. If I had the opportunity to meet Venus again I would truly thank her for her determination because she encourages me to go further in my own game.

Another thing we did that day was we went to the media center. At the media center we learned that work is becoming easier for the journalists. Instead of journalists getting up the information comes to them. This pressures them to hit the deadline on time, so next time you read an article on sports make sure you appreciate it. The journalists also sit according to language and nationality. This makes it easier and faster to get your work done. I saw a lot today and I'll remember it FOREVER.

The Score Board at the U.S. Open

Althea, 17

Have you ever wondered how the scores appear on screen? Whether you're at home watching television , using the internet, or just relaxing outside of the Louis Armstrong stadium.

The scores do not appear by magic, the umpire watching the tennis match has a Palm Pilot (a small computer that receives information, such as faults, lets, etc.) where he or she inputs the scores. When they do this the information is then sent out to a computer station between the Grandstand and the Louis Armstrong stadiums. The information then goes out to all major screens , the internet, television, and outdoor stadiums.

Though many people may think this computer center is huge, it is merely one medium size room And if that isn't bad enough, this is a improvement. Before the Arthur Ashe stadium was built, the computer station was call the "Bat Cave". and they shared a even smaller space under some steps with all the ball kids!

Nicole, 12

On Tuesday, August 28th, Miss Leslie Allen invited me to go to the At the 2001 U.S. Open and I was lucky enough to be chosen with four other young ladies. sit in the President's Box. We were to arrive around nine o'clock. When everyone arrived we went to get our photo credentials. Credentials are passes that allow you to in and out of places on the U.S. Open grounds. When we received our credentials I think we all felt a sense of freedom. When we settled down, we proceeded to the Presidents Box. As soon as I walked in the room it felt like I had just walked on cloud 9, it took my breath away.

There is a front desk that when you walk in you have to check in. after you check in you are offered a program of the events that will happen that day and the official U.S. Open book. After all that we were allowed to do as we pleased, such as watch the match, get a refreshment, or just sit and mingle. The room that we were in was absolutely magnificent. There were white/beige carpets, taupe (a type of beige) colored sofas and glass coffee tables with healthy snacks on each one. The room had glass windows and doors so that you could look out at the center court of the Arthur Ashe Stadium. I personally went outside to watch the matches, top people were playing, and you were literally so close you could see the sweat dripping down the players face. The top players were, Kim Clijsters, Pete Sampras, and Venus Williams. When we arrived I was able to see a little of Clijsters (since the match was almost over) and the beginning of Sampras. After a few games of Sampras, we were scheduled to go upstairs and eat. So I went to the ladies room to wash up and use it as well (of course). When I walked in it, it was like I was in another room. It was amazing. Marble counter tops and floors, and two sinks. The toilet wasn't even a stall, it had its own room!

So this is how the US Open web site is done.

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