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Family Circle Tennis Center pros host WIN4LIFE in 2003

A trip to the Family Circle Tennis Center (FCTC) launched the 2003 WIN4LIFE program. Teaching pros from the FCTC taught the enthusiastic LAF WIN4LIFE kids on a blustery day. The W4L students also met the entire Family Circle Cup staff-from executive director, Frankie Whelan, to the college interns. The staff eagerly taught the students about their jobs.

WIN4LIFE Vermont

Eight WIN4LIFE (W4L) boys and girls (10 to12 years old) were guests of the Gunterman Tennis School in Stratton Mountain, VT. Several local Vermont families made the children feel at home as they stayed in their countryside residences. The Gunterman School provided flexible tennis instruction so that the W4L kids would have more fun. The students weren't limited to playing tennis; they also swam, hiked a five-mile nature trail, and witnessed a cattle-roping demonstration especially for them. Some of the kids even tried lasso roping themselves. They met new friends and participated in many other fun-filled activities. Before visiting Vermont, many of the W4L kids never imagined that they could survive a stay in a small town surrounded by mountains, a lake, and cobblestone streets, without tall buildings, a shopping mall, or a movie theater. Those same kids not only survived; they and everyone else had a great time-especially since there was no snow!

WIN4LIFE goes to college

Accepting an invitation to attend the Seven Sister Championships at Vassar College. The LAF WIN4LIFE students had an entire weekend to see what college life and college tennis is all about. They were special guests at the tournament's players only banquet, they took a tour of the campus, met the coaches for each of the seven teams, spent the day hanging out with the players and watched team matches. They even met Vassar president, Frances Fergusson, a big fan of sports and the WIN4LIFE program.

"I'd never seen college tennis before; it looks like fun and now I know it is for sure something I want to try to do," according to a W4L student. At South Carolina's College of Charleston (COC), the WIN4LIFE students watched the Cougars trounce their opponents. Inspired, they then took to the courts for tennis tips and instruction from the men's and women's tennis teams. "I really enjoyed the COC players they were fun coaches and I could really relate to them, " said a W4L participant.

4th year at U.S. OPEN

For the fourth year in a row, Leslie Allen gave a group of WIN4LIFE students a day they will always remember. She escorted them to spend the day in the President's Box at the U.S. Open for front row seats to the best tennis in the world. They also went behind the scenes-sitting in on player press conferences and touring the TV studio with CBS announcer Mary Carillo. The students also met the world's #2 women's player, Venus Williams, chatted with former U.S. Open champion, Gabriela Sabatini, as well as doubles legends Patrick McEnroe and Luke Jensen. The children visited the off-court U.S. Open staff-TV technicians, computer programmers, writers, staff from the ATP, WTA & USTA, tournament officials, coaches and more. They saw that tennis is much more than just hitting a ball.

At the anchors' desk:
Reading the teleprompter's not as easy as it looks.

WIN4LIFE Program Challenges Charleston Youth to Set Goals and Succeed

Family Circle to Sponsor WIN4LIFE Program Aimed at Mentoring Charleston Youth

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